The Tin Man had it made.
I got a puzzle in my Kinder Surprise today: a bad omen. Tomorrow is not going to be a good day.

Things that make me happy #6
  • My prism. It hangs in front of my window, and sends a vortex of wee little rainbows dancing around my room. I love rainbows.
  • Seeing old friends. Reconnected with a high school friend recently, and so glad I did. :) I sort of reached out on a limb, and ended up being stranded in another city, but it was a great night. I'm not sure if our friendship will go back to what it was, but I'm glad communication is back open again and it wasn't a totally awkward experience. AND I got to see my old roommate recently and it was so awesome to chit-chat like the good 'ole days.
  • My friend Rebecca. I honestly don't know what I would do without her. She has been so supportive and helpful this last month. I am so lucky to have her. Whatta gal. 
  • The 1966 Batman series. Holy dated television, Batman! This show is hai-larious. If you like B-movies, oh lordy, this show is a gold mine.

  • NaNoWriNo! I'm trying to keep myself supah dupah busy these days. SO, I'm going to be participating in National Novel Writing Month this November! I'm pretty excited;  I tried once before and failed miserably, but I'm hoping to really step up my game this time 'round. I sorta-kinda-almost have a plot. Hopefully I'll have at least a vague outline ready by the 1st. 

With purple yawn, you'll be sleeping soon.
I was feeling a bit glum tonight, so I did what any responsible adult would do a B-lined for Walmart's toy section. I wandered to aisles looking for something to put a spring in my step, and almost settled on some deranged-looking My Little Ponies, when I came upon the best purchase I have had the honour of making in a long time: two Nerf guns and a target. Only $10!

So, suffice to say, I've been busting a cap for past hour and I'm sure my neighbours on the other side of the wafer-thin walls are looooovin' me right now. BUT IT IS SO MUCH FUN. 

Someday, I aspire to be as bad ass as the guy on the packaging: 

Not quite there yet, but I'm working on it. 

Why you gotta be like that, body?
Look, body. You can't have crazy fevers and be beyond freezing. Pick one and stick with it. This back-and-forth-back-and-forth is pretty darn annoying.

This constant headache I've had isn't the best either. It's been four days now. You can let up now, headache. I get the message.

Also, I am 21. Not 8. Not 92. Twenty-one. As such, I would like to be able to stay up past 8:30 pm without being ridiculously tired.

And, while I'm being the biggest whiner in the world, it's kinda creepy that part of my body are spontaneously going numb for split-seconds. What causes that?

This morning, I was so out of it, I thought the snow flurries were volanic ash. There are no volcanoes in this country, likely not even this continent. 

I've already had to cancel on three friends 'cause I've just been too darn tired, bah. And I had a super-cool entry half-written about all the really exciting happenin's in my life, but it requires pictures, and the pictures require resizing and and and... Later. Eventually. It'll happen.

Man, I really wanted to be a super-duper coop student who magically annihilates all the projects, but it's taking all my energy just to do my job at a respectable level. Not cool, bro, not cool.

Writer's Block: On the red carpet
Are you watching the Emmys tonight?
The Emmys are on?

Doing what my homeboy Count von Count would do.
  • Less than one day until my first of two exams.
  • Less than one day until I go to my sister's cottage and hang out with my super cool nieces.
  • Seven days until Mau comes home.
  • Fourteen days until Montreal.
  • Twenty-one days until Don's Orientation.
  • Twenty-eight days until Cheryl's wedding.
  • Thirty days until Orientation Week.
  • Thirty-seven days until I start at Desire2Learn
I am hella pumped. 

Things that make me happy #5
I finally stopped procrastinating on studying and am actually making some headway... Although it appears my goals for today were wildy ambitious and I may have already screwed myself over. BUT THAT'S OKAY AT LEAST I TRIED RIGHT? IT'S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS. I wish exams worked that way...

I started working on a new website! It's nothing all that big or fancy, but it's a'comin'. More details to follow. It is dinosaur-themed. Aw yeah.

Google Docs. Oh man. Changing my life right now. I can't even explain. My days of emailing myself .docs are over. I feel like I just stepped out of the dark ages.

Mau is back in 12 days! He ditched me for Calgary for three weeks. Well, he's on a work trip, so he didn't actually ditch me. I have plenty to keep me busy, but I still miss him, y'know? It will be a grand day when he returns.

I went on a four hour bike ride yesterday and didn't die. I mean, I was super dehydrated at some points and I'm pretty sure I saw my life flash before me, but I made it! I went with my friend Andy and he was a real great chap about my inability to keep up to him and his mad biking skills. I was seriously tuckered out afterwards, but I am pretty proud of myself, especially considering how a) totally nervous I am about doing any sort of physical activity in public and b) how out of shape I am.

Rockstar energy drink. Specifically, the "Juiced Pomegranate" flavour. Dayuuuum. Totally delicious, and powers me like the Energizer Bunny. If I didn't know better, I'd say the stuff was something out of the pages of Harry Potter.

Went to bubble tea with [info]amyishida and caught up. Put me in an awesome mood and got me all ready to study. :) 

A reminder never hurt.
 'Cause we can always use a little less baggage.

 Let go of: people who don’t call you, the t-shirt from the ex, the insecurities about the way you dance, or sing, the shoes you’ve had in your closet for 6 years and...

Writer's Block: Peace of mind
What kind of spiritual or meditative practice keeps you feeling zen?

It's a bit silly, but I always listen to Enya if my emotions are too strong in any direction. Like, if I'm super hyper and need to calm down, or really stressed, or really angry, or just can't focus in general, then I put on some Enya and just chill like a snow cone. It's not all that spiritual or religious, but definitely helps me get my zen on.

Some Enya, for anyone who isn't familiar.Collapse )

How I felt today when I put on my shorts from last summer

 I know I've gained some weight, but aye carumba. I've got way too much extra junk in the trunk. Time to get serious about that working out thing. 


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